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Why EACH Employment?

EACH Employment helps people returning to work to find a job and keep it.EACH Employment is a free service funded by the Commonwealth Government to help people of legal working age who want to work 8 or more hours every week. We are a non-Government business that has been working in the community for more than 25 years. We find local jobs, for local people.We have a strong track record in providing local employers with a quality, individualised service to meet your staffing and training needs.


How do we help you?

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How can EACH Employment assist employers with recruitment and staffing needs?
EACH Employment will provide a tailored service that will address an employer’s specific needs. We can assist with recruitment through the pre-screening of suitable candidates and supporting the whole interview process. We will provide direct support to the employer throughout the employment process and will be there to assist in achieving a successful employment outcome in any way possible. We can also provide access to Wage Subsidies that will assist with the initial training and induction cost of staff (this is subject to candidate eligibility).

Is there a cost to employers for any assistance from EACH Employment?
No, all services provided by EACH Employment are 100% free for both employers and job seekers.

What are some of the benefits of employing someone with a disability?
Hiring a person with a disability has many benefits to the employer. Studies have revealed that people with a disability have a  much lower rate of abseetism from work and employers that employee people with a disability have a lower rate of staff turnover. Employer’s promoting diversity in the workplace such as hiring people with a disability have seen a positive result in their bottom line through increased staff morale and increased customer and community recognition as good corporate citizens.

Can someone come and talk to me more about how you can help my business?
We would be available at anytime that is convenient for the employer to come out and speak in depth about EACH Employment and how we can assist and support your business in its employment needs.

How do I register my interest?
Our experienced staff would love to be in touch to discuss your individual requirements. Simply fill in the fields under the “Contact Us” section of this website or call the numbers of any of the offices and we will arrange a time that is convenient for yourself.