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EACH Employment helps people with mental health conditions, a disability, illness or health condition to find a job – and keep it. We help you find the job you want. We find local jobs for local people. EACH Employment is a free service funded by the Commonwealth Government to help people of legal working age who want to work 8 or more hours every week. We know that having a job is very important.  A job can make you feel better, brings in money and helps you learn new skills. But we also know that having an illness, an injury or a disability can make getting a good job very hard.

What do we do?

How do we help you?

We link you with other local services you may need that may help with other issues you may have.


What are the eligibility requirements for EACH Employment?
People using EACH Employments services must have a diagnosed disability, illness, injury or health condition (including all mental health conditions). Documentation from your G.P. or health professional is required to support this diagnosis and most participants are required to attend a Employment Services Assessment at their local Centrelink Office (our staff will arrange this for you).

Is there a cost in accessing EACH Employment?
No, all eligible participants of EACH Employment receive all service and support totally free of charge.

What is the process to sign up to EACH Employment?
Our experienced staff will provide step by step assistance to commence in our service. We will arrange times for confidential discussions around your individual circumstances, fully explain our service and how it will meet your needs, advise on obtaining necessary documents from health care providers and make required assessment appointments on your behalf.

What type of work will EACH Employment assist me to find?
We will work closely with you to achieve your employment goals. We will provide advice around employment options in the local area and can assist you to enrol in any training courses that will provide you with the skills to enter these industries. We are committed to supporting you to achieve long term sustainable employment.

Will my Disability Support Pension (DSP) be affected if I commence employment?
You will be required to declare any income derived from employment to Centrelink which will result in a reduced DSP payment but you will be enjoying the benefits of a regular income as well as the increased confidence and well-being that comes from the social inclusion and connection to community that employment offers